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New Search and Rescue Season

Posted by on Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

At JCRS, our volunteers have been very busy preparing from this year’s Search and Rescue season.  Below is a update of what we have done to improve our Search and Rescue capabilities as well as tips and pointers for this years outdoor season.

We have replaced our older UTV’s with newer units.  These units are tread lightly units with turf modes to allow us to access areas our previous 6x6s were not preferred  One unit is equipped with a medical bed to allow wilderness transport of patients and the other unit is equipped with high angle rope rescue equipment.  Both units are equipped with high power communications  saws, fuel and extra storage space.  We have put a high angle rescue unit in service with the UTV’s that is independent of our Heavy Rescue Unit.

Our all volunteer membership has been very busy during 2011-2012.  We have received training in Medical Responder (State Certification , North Carolina Technical Rescuer  Program – High Angle Rescue, and ATV/UTV Rescue courses.  We have a number of SARTECH members with additional Technical Rescue training.  During the 2012 Spring and Summer our members completed over 1300 hours of GPS, navigation, rescue and rope rescue training.

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1.  Wilderness Events (Races, Walks, etc)

Please let us know in advance especially if you are requesting our assistance in having units on standby for your event.  We cannot honor all requests, but typically if we are given plenty of notice, are able to accomodate almost everyone.  It is also very important to meet prior to the event to establish pre-planning.

2. Lost or Injured

If you are lost or injured Call 911.  If you have a GPS enabled phone, don’t attempt to move around after calling 911.  We utilize GPS in aiding locating you.  Moving targets are much harder to locate.  Advise dispatch of any important information.  If you have a GPS, please relay accurate coordinates preferably in Decimal Format.  If you have a radio, please advise of the Frequency/Channel and any privacy codes. Also provide information about your condition, supplies, and any other pertinent information.

3. Review Weather

Especially in the March-April timeframe pay very close attention to the weather.  We have had a number of individuals caught in Snow or low temps.