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JCRS Recruitment Video 2016

Posted by on Sunday, 10 January, 2016

JCRS is recruiting new members for 2016. Come by Station 2 any Tuesday night 6-9PM to see whats going on at the station. We vote on new members every 4th Tuesday of the month. Applications are available both at our website or at Station 2. We are 100% volunteer and have year round training availible for all members. Come be apart of one or many of our Technical Rescue Teams.


Jackson County Rescue Recruitment 2016

Video of the JCRS 2015 Swiftwater Exercise.

Posted by on Wednesday, 2 September, 2015

Annually, we have been doing an intro for new members and exercise for our certified swift-water technicians for training. Below is the video from our 2015 event. New members are given the opportunity to learn basic self rescue, view a swift-water scene, and do some basic swift-water rescue to see if they are interested in completing swift-water certification.

Training for newer members included some basic team building exercises(Raft Barge), self rescue (boat and surface water), throw bag exercises, line gun experience, raft operation, and some other essential skills needed by all rescuers.

JCRS Recruitment Video

Posted by on Wednesday, 17 December, 2014

December Donation Drive

Posted by on Tuesday, 9 December, 2014

JCRS is a 100% volunteer department and we take donations any time of the year but December marks our equipment buying cycle and we need donations. All donations in any amount are appreciated and can be done via mail or online. To all those that have already made a donation this year, we at JCRS, Thank you!

For more information or to donate just look on right sidebar of our page.  Donate online by clicking on DONATE or by mail by using the mailing address provided.

Rescue 23 Progress

Posted by on Wednesday, 12 November, 2014

We are adding heavy rescue to our fleet. Rescue 23 should be in service within the next few weeks and will add both capability and efficiency to many of our rescue responses.

Rescue 23